European child safety rules

European child safety rules for blinds are designed to prevent accidents involving young children and window coverings. The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) has established standards that must be met by all blinds sold in Europe to ensure they are safe for children.

One of the main requirements is the use of safety devices such as cord and chain breakers, cord tidies, and tensioning devices to prevent cords and chains from forming loops that children can become entangled in. Cords and chains must also be kept out of reach of children by using cord cleats or fixing them to the wall.

The standards also require warning labels to be attached to the blinds, informing users of the potential dangers and how to use the safety devices correctly.

In addition, any blinds with looped cords or chains must be supplied with a safety device that can be easily installed by the user to prevent the formation of dangerous loops.

It is important to follow these safety rules to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of young children in the home.